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Discoverer Migration

Migrating is as easy as 1, 2, 3! The Discoverer Migration utility converts existing Discoverer business areas and workbooks to eXpress domains and reports.

The utility supports all the data sources that Discoverer workbooks are built upon, including data marts, warehouses, online transaction processing systems and Oracle E-Business Suite. It not only converts the workbook, but also the fields in the Discoverer folders that the report is based upon. This allows the converted report to be modified without the need to customize or extend the original Discoverer view. This is what separates us from other conversion solutions – We convert the entire workbook infrastructure while they only move the SQL!


Retain your Structure

When using our Discoverer Migration utility, your existing structure remains intact. See how each item maps when being migrated in to EiS eXpress.

Benefits of eXpress

The EiS eXpress migration utility is different from the rest! It converts the entire Discoverer infrastructure, providing a seamless conversion into eXpress, and allows users to make changes to the report after the migration, without needing to customize or extend the original Discoverer view. The others just migrate the SQL, which limits your capabilities to ad hoc down the road.

The utility directly reads the Discoverer metadata from the EUL schema, and the user can then choose the business area/workbooks to import into EiS eXpress.

eXpress Features:

  • Easy to learn for Discoverer users
  • EBS integration with responsibility security
  • Scheduling and distribution capability
  • Multiple output formats
  • Powerful ad hoc reporting

Discoverer to OBIEE

The Oracle OBIEE tool provides end users with a powerful analytics platform, but no easy migration path for Discoverer. The EiS OBIEE Connect migration utility is a command line utility that will migrate Discoverer workbook objects, components, joins, and items classes to a BI equivalent repository (RPD). Workbook sheets will migrate to BI equivalent answers and dashboards, including prompts, columns, conditions, items classes, and subtotals.

Now those organizations that have invested so much time and effort into OBIEE have a true migration path from Discoverer to OBIEE!

Our Impact

EiS eXpress is a full-service transactional reporting solution for Oracle EBS. With our Discoverer Migration Utility and team of experienced professionals, we can quickly migrate your Discoverer workbooks into EiS reports without breaking your budget. Because we have decades of expertise in the Oracle market, you can rest easy knowing your project is in the hands of the best in the business.

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