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Product Overview

On-Demand Reporting

Flexible. Simple. Fast.

One of the biggest needs of any business user is data and reporting and unfortunately, this is also typically a huge pain point! We understand this is what keeps the business operating efficiently, so we have developed our products to provide access to live, accurate data for better reporting.

Our suite of products will give business users an unparalleled level of comfort when reporting, while reducing reliance on IT for development needs. With front end options including OBIEE, Microsoft Excel, and any browser, users are sure to find the solution that works best for them!

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XL Connect

GL Connect





EiS eXpress is the perfect solution for your Real-Time Transactional Reporting needs for Oracle E-Business Suite. Certified and Validated by Oracle, EiS eXpress comes loaded with pre-built reports and views…

XL Connect

What tool do most people use to analyze large amounts of data? Microsoft Excel of course! With XL Connect, Microsoft Excel is utilized as a front-end for reporting against all Oracle E-Business Applications, while still…

GL Connect

Finally, a solution for financial analysts who depend on quick, accurate, on-demand data to get the job done! With GL Connect, build reconciliations, on-demand analyses, financial reports, journal entries, budgets, and more …

Discoverer Migration

The Discoverer Migration utility converts existing Discoverer Business Areas and Workbooks to eXpress Domains and Reports. The utility supports all the data sources that Discoverer workbooks are built upon…

OBIEE Connect

Many organizations have made significant investments into the OBIEE solution, with the goal of all their analytics and reporting to be done within the tool. However, getting real-time reports and data from OBIEE …



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