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Businesses have made substantial investments in the OBIEE solution with the goal of performing all their analytics and reporting within the tool.

Because of challenges with forecasting, a lack of transparency around performance, and inadequate resource alignment and accountability, many organisations are struggling to optimize their performance. Obtaining real-time reports and data from OBIEE remains challenging.

With OBIEE Connect, businesses get access to real-time reporting from within their existing OBIEE application for all key EBS modules. OBIEE Connect offers over 1,100 pre-built reports and views, each of which is automatically configured to your custom fields, DFFs, KFFs, EITs, and SITs.

Obtain transactional data from the already-invested-in tool – OBIEE!

Our Impact!

The EiS Technologies Suite of Reporting Solutions for E-Business Suite is completely verified by Oracle and provides its users with the greatest reporting flexibility while maintaining Oracle security.

In addition to our library of over 1300 seeded reports across Oracle modules, no other reporting solution delivers the capability, features, security, and user-friendliness of EiS solutions.

Out of Box Reporting

OBIEE Connect delivers, turn-key, operational and transactional reports for OBIEE, with over 1,100 powerful and meaningful reports for the key modules within Oracle EBS. EiS curates the relevant pre-packaged analytics to fundamental operations such as human resources, finance, procurement, project costing, project, and grant financing.

With each release, EiS OBIEE Connect is comprehensively maintained, delivering new reports and powerful capabilities, as well as updating any previously built reports.
We provide 24/7 assistance, comprehensive client portal, and a toll-free hotline.

Offers real-time
Oracle EBS reporting.

Facilitates operational
reporting quickly and effortlessly.

Provides transactional data
at the user’s fingertips.

Delivers true ad hoc
reporting within OBIEE.

Client Testimonials

We had Discoverer installed for over 15 years during which time we developed some complicated Business Areas and over 500 workbooks, covering both EBS and non-EBS databases. We estimated that it would take approximately 2 years to migrate everything to a new platform but with Splash BI we managed to complete the entire project in under 3 months.

Commercial Automotive ManufacturerDiscoverer Migration, Oracle EBS

Considering the size of the project, that is an outstanding achievement. At the very least, I might have expected some queries/complaints from users who aren’t familiar with the new Splash BI tool, but we really haven’t heard anything back at all from the user base (and that’s a good thing!). A shout out to the success of the Splash training sessions that were run in the weeks preceding both launch and UAT.

Multi National Retail CompanyDiscoverer Migration from Oracle EBS

SplashBI’s Discoverer Migration utility, SplashDM, ensures that years of investment in Discoverer is not wasted. It enables an organisation to transfer across existing reports rather than having to start from scratch, thus significantly reducing implementation timescales and costs.

UK Local GovernmentDiscoverer Migration, Oracle EBS – Through Claremont

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