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Take Salesforce to the next level

EiS Technologies is the ideal partner for your Salesforce implementation. We are committed to creating customer and employee experiences that maximize your CRM investment. We enable companies of any size and industry to deliver deeper insights using innovative solutions and services.

Areas of Expertise


If you are looking to implement Salesforce, we can help! EiS Technologies has a team of experts with many years of experience that can ensure a successful Salesforce implementation. Our proven implementation approach includes:

  • Business requirements and Design Plan
  • Data Import and Migration
  • Customizations including Visualforce pages
  • Deployment and Testing
  • Organization setup and Configuration
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Post Implementation Support

Customizations and Configuration

Salesforce CRM is an extensible platform with many options. As your business grows and evolves, your Salesforce needs change. We can help you configure the implementation, as well as customize it with integrations and custom development to fit the new business processes and needs. We want to help you get the most from your Salesforce investment.

Pardot Marketing Automation

Let us help you take your marketing team to the next level! Pardot B2B marketing automation by Salesforce helps marketers create more leads, generate more pipeline, and empower sales to close more deals.

We can help your organization with all aspects of your Pardot application, from implementation to automations, technical setups to training on the finer points, our experts can ensure your marketing team is up and running quickly and easily.


Salesforce automates business processes by integrating Salesforce applications with cloud and custom application data. This enables businesses to get new insights due to visibility to different data sources and improve operations.

Whether you’re planning to integrate a new app with Salesforce, or an existing stack, our team can help in implementing your integration ideas and fine-tune your processes.

Data Migrations

When looking to move a significant amount of data to a new Salesforce CRM system, it is crucial that the data is mapped and migrated to the correct objects for data accuracy. Here at EiS Technologies, our team understands that a Salesforce migration is not a linear process, but an iterative one. Our approach to a successful migration involves:

  • Complete understanding of objects
  • Set up and configurations
  • Data cleansing before extraction
  • Organization settings and securities
  • Mapping, loading, testing in an iterative process

Managed Services and Consulting

Our Managed Services are designed to help Salesforce customers that need help maintaining or managing their CRM system. Our team of certified administrators, developers, and consultants not only help support your organization’s needs, but also provide innovative solutions that can be tailored to your requirements.

  • Work-flows and triggers for process automation
  • Installation and configuration of apps from AppExchange
  • Email templates
  • Create reports and dashboards
  • Visualforce pages
  • Data Management – import, export and clean

Our Impact

At EiS Technologies, we use best practices and a well thought-out plan for your Salesforce needs, and our team always strives to implement a solution that is ‘done-right’!

Being a Salesforce customer ourselves, we relate to many pain points and requirements that come our way. Based on our own experience, as well as proven with our customers, our team of experts can help with a complete range of services and post implementation support.

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