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Herbert Roy

Would Your Apps Win A Popularity Contest?

In my opinion, this is not an IT interview question. It’s a marketing and user-engagement question. Why? Because the more people who can easily access your application, website, or app, the greater the chance for adoption and usage.  By leveraging the right applications, the net-result is an engaged user-community that helps drive higher sales, productivity, and profitability.

So what factors in technology support more access to your application? Does open source software support it more or proprietary software? Will 3rd party developers or integrators be able to access your application if you use proprietary software? Will stateless connections help access your application more frequently than stateful ones?

This is the fundamental difference in using a cloud based HCM and On-premise HCM. Taleo vs. iRecruitment.

If you are considering moving your HCM applications to the cloud, you need to find the right cloud Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that works best for you.

We talked about the basics of Taleo, one of the top used ATS in the market in our Taleo Webinar Series. Stay  tuned for more episodes in the near future!

Episode 1: Fundamentals of a Cloud HCM – Taleo Implementation

Episode 2: Taleo: Basics, Integration and Beyond