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Katie Fair

At the Right Time, at the Right Place: A Customer Success Story

By June 22, 2015August 19th, 2019No Comments


In 2012, EiS Technologies added another success story to our growing list of happy customers and our initial meeting couldn’t have been more ‘written in the stars.‘ When you work in a B2B industry like we do, yes we are in the business of making money, but we are also in the business of helping people.

While what we do may not be as noble as helping to feed the poor or tutoring children after school, we do help people improve their business productivity and ultimately their profitability.  Companies come to us because they’re looking for answers and our new friends at Nucor found themselves with a lot of questions!  They knew what they wanted but needed our help in getting there. Implementations, upgrades, custom report building, you name it…sometimes this stuff is difficult to understand and navigate through if you’ve never seen “Oracle EBS” before!  We met Nucor at the right time to come in and help turn their confusion into clarity.

To give a little back story… Nucor Steel is the largest recycler and manufacturer of steel products in North America, and in 2012, among their 200 operating facilities they produced 19.8 million tons of steel.  That’s a whole lotta metal!  But in 2012, they were also preparing for a new implementation of Oracle EBS across their seven largest divisions and trying to get familiar with the many differences between their different autonomous legacy systems and Oracle EBS. In addition, they were trying to convert all their legacy reports into Oracle custom reports using BI Publisher and were really struggling!

Getting to know the Oracle tables and data structure plus learning BI Publisher left them way behind in their preparation for a fairly aggressive go live schedule. After a chance meeting at Oracle Open World in September 2012, Nucor’s outlook concerning reporting services was completely reversed.  What was already deemed a contracted impossibility suddenly became very Nucor team member possible. Within days, they saw a demo of eXpress, XL Connect and GL Connect and found the solutions to meet their needs finally within their grasp. In just a few short months, they were able to go live with Oracle Financials.  Sometimes the clouds open up, the sun shines through and things fall into place on an unplanned meeting.

Our consultants were able to help Nucor’s users and developers with their much-needed reports as well as remedy some of their headaches. It’s a win-win and in the end, that’s what you hope for when you’re in the business of helping others. Nucor is now looking to expand their EBS and EiS footprints to their remaining divisions, and together, we look forward to a brighter reporting future.

In my LIVE Discussion with Dave Kirkland, Reporting Services Administrator at Nucor Steel, we talked about Nucor’s journey, their implementation and how EiS helped in their reporting challenges.