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Vijay Baskar Ranganathan

IOT: Internet of Threats?

The Internet of things (IOT) is one of the biggest breakthroughs in the history of the tech industry. It’s a system of interrelated computing devices, objects, digital and mechanical machines. It has started to become an integral part of every aspect of our lives, from home automation, retail shops to hotels, to cars, airplanes and even our bodies. IOT is growing at a dangerously fast rate.

Though it is helping to do things at a pace never before imagined, there is a downside to IOT: It is becoming an increasingly attractive target for cyber criminals. More connected devices mean more possibilities for hackers to target. Concerns will no longer be limited to the protection of sensitive information and assets. Our very lives and health can become the target of IOT hack attacks.

As of now, the IOT industry is in its “gold rush” state, where functionality becomes the main focus and security takes a back seat. Many IOT developers often come from an embedded systems programming background and are not having full awareness on the IOT security threats. IOT security which was previously ignored, is now taking higher precedence.

So the question is… is the IOT is going to revolutionize the world, or is it going to open a Pandora’s Box that will spiral the world into a new kind of age of mayhem and chaos? What are your thoughts?