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Suresh Pallapothu

Hiring the Best Candidate, Not the Best Resume

A great sales hire can change the direction of your organization, and a bad engineering hire could result in your product falling flat on its face. Organizations can’t afford hiring mistakes – they are costly and can erode staff morale.

Hiring the best resume doesn’t mean hiring the best candidate always. Broaden, deepen and accelerate the reach can help reaching the busiest and passive candidates and help find the candidates who possess the intangible qualities.

Candidates are expecting a hiring experience and not just a job, organizations that understand this and get it right, wins big in the battle for securing the top talent. As social and mobile technologies continue to impact jobseekers’ expectations, attracting top talent will require HR leaders to move their organization towards a more consumer style jobseeker experience.

Going mobile with your recruitment strategy is something you need to start thinking about today and should be customized to fit your processes and strategy. It’s all about understanding how mobile fits and improves your current hiring process and the value that can be seen from it not only from your team’s point of view but often times the candidates’ as well.

In my LIVE Discussion with Austin Reason, Director of Professional Services at EiS Technologies, we talked about how with the new features (15B1), Taleo Business Edition customers can enable Taleo’s mobile enabled application process to offer easier, optimized and consistent experience across devices.